March 19, 2023

A Guide to Testosterone in Women

Natural UltraTest Testosterone Booster - All Natural, Drug Free ...Testosterone deficiency of females could be caused by hysterectomy, chemotherapy, loss of ovarian or adrenal gland function as well as Turner’s syndrome — or simply by aging. Lately, links are established between lower levels of testosterone and women approaching menopause, who experience symptoms such as reduced sex drive, weaker orgasms, lack of energy, energy and stamina. These symptoms are a lot more typical in ladies following menopause. Birth control pills, particular those with big doses of estrogen, can lead to measurably lower amounts of testosterone in ladies, therefore testosterone deficiency is often an issue for females of every age.

testosterone and Women

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The Hormone of Desire, a book by Dr. Susan Rako, details in great detail the task of testosterone in females as well as female’s sexuality. She was forced to do the own investigation of her and basically treat her own testosterone deficiency, because testosterone deficiency was not recognized as a woman’s condition. Since then researchers around the globe have shown that replacing testosterone in women who have a deficiency enhances mood, fat-free muscle mass, sexual pleasure and bone density along with various other issues.

If you are a female and you believe that you might have a testosterone deficiency, it might be hard to convince the physician of yours. Certain females are uncomfortable speaking about issues like nipple and clitoral sensitivity and a lot of medical professionals don’t ask about sexuality, but these are significant quality of life issues. Even in case you’ve a great relationship with the doctor of yours, lab tests for levels of testosterone in ladies may not be useful and most self-test questionnaires are designed for men. When you’ve made the decision that you need more testosterone, either due to an assessment or lab tests of the symptoms of yours it can be necessary to test out various therapies, before you purchase one that feels like a fit.

By the precious time you finish reading this, you are going to have an even better appreciation for the job that testosterone in girls plays.

Testosterone patches as well as gels with low doses for girls are being studied. Injections and pills are not usually powerful that will cause more health complications. Pellets which have a combination of testosterone and estrogen for women are implanted in the buttock for slow release hormonal replacement and is likely to deal with symptoms for as much as 5 months, yet not all doctors can obtain the pellets.

Herbal cocktails which contain from Wild Yam Root to Fennel seed have been sold, but hardly any is considered about how or why they actually impact testosterone production in ladies. Tribulus Terrestris, a favorite supplement for athletes, is found to help with some of the signs related to low levels of testosterone. Do a little research on any herbs that you decide to use, some can be harmful at specific dosages and some should not be used by specific individuals with certain health issues, however, this info is not always reported on the label.

The role played by testosterone of ladies, in a woman’s overall health, overall well being as well as physical fitness might have been downplayed through the years. It’s much more typical for a female to learn about the value of estrogen; however, maintaining normal levels of testosterone is every bit as crucial.

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