March 18, 2023

Can Penis Pain From Prostatitis Be Related to Testosterone?

Prostatitis (and the penis pain associated with it) is among the most typical penile concerns that men face, and also for many, the condition is sadly chronic. The results from a fresh study looking at chronic prostatitis nowadays claim that testosterone levels might play a role in this uncomfortable condition — knowledge which will be great for men as they plan their penis care regimens.

About prostatitis

As might be thought from the name, prostatitis impacts the prostate, a gland which is an aspect of a man’s reproductive system. The prostate is found between the penis and the bladder and it is responsible for making fluid that is an important aspect of semen.

Prostatitis occurs when the prostate becomes infected or inflamed. The gland becomes fairly tender in this state, and it can as a result create a great deal of discomfort in the groin region. In case the infection spreads throughout the urinary tract, the problems can get much more intense. Males are most likely to experience this discomfort when urinating or ejaculating, however, it might occur at lower levels all the time. In addition to the actual physical component of this condition, a male who has chronic prostatitis could perhaps experience moodiness or feelings of depression.

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There can be a number of variables that may play a role in developing prostatitis, though a recent study in the peer reviewed “Journal of Sexual Medicine” has determined that a man’s testosterone level might be a crucial ingredient that has not typically been related to the problem.

In this particular study, scientists looked at 948 men that had low testosterone levels (defined because of this research project as less than 3.5) as well as at 4,740 men whose testosterone was previously 3.5. When they checked out cases of prostatitis (whether, mild, severe or moderate), the males with the lower testosterone were a lot more prone to have prostatitis than the males with the higher amounts.

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