March 18, 2023

Does Penis Pain Be Because of Testosterone?

A person will overcome a multitude of obstacles in search of sex, however when penis pain rears the ugly head of its, it is able to sometimes derail the plans of even the most ardent seeker of sexual fulfillment. Sometimes that pain may be regarding CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome), a condition in which the pelvis area experiences various levels of pain. Indeed males who are interested in their penis health and want to avoid penis pain should understand that some doctors feel low testosterone may actually cause CPPS.


CPPS is a form of prostatitis, meaning the prostate gland is painfully inflamed. This inflammation is able to cause pain anywhere in the pelvic region. Occasionally the pain might be in one area, sometimes in other; the intensity of the pain may also differ from one day to the next or maybe one hour to the next.

Usually that discomfort can show up in the penis, and also for males with CPPS this’s particularly true during the urination as well as ejaculation. In some instances, the intensity of the discomfort throughout ejaculation can be such it dampens a man’s love for and willingness to engage in sex.

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In 2016, the Journal of Sexual Medicine published a report that indicates a link between CPPS and testosterone levels. The scientists wanted to check out men whose testosterone levels fell below a particular benchmark and compare them to men with higher degrees of the hormone, with the objective of seeing if there was some link with CPPS. So that they enrolled 948 males with a testosterone level of 3.5 or smaller and 4,740 men with levels previously that mark.

Sure enough, as soon as the data was tabulated, the researchers found the males in the low best testosterone booster for diabetics level have been a lot more prone to get CPPS – whether mild, severe or moderate – than anyone in the more expensive testosterone team. This was very true for those with a level of 3.0 or perhaps lower.

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