March 26, 2023

Drug Testing Is actually Hazardous To Your Work

The results of drug testing can be invalid in specific cases. These disadvantages of drug testing can diminish the freedom of yours and lose the job of yours.


The Centre for Disease Control has tested the labs sending well-known levels of drugs. The labs were not able to detect the drugs present in the sample. Although the labs were improved the methodology as well as reliability, now the problem continues.

The Two Bagel Breakfast

Sample urine screened positive for opiates by RIA, EMIT. GC/MS identified morphine content. The person denied an inquiry and opiate abuse was done. Inquiry revealed a diet consisting of your Burger King hamburger the evening before the specimen was shot plus a breakfast seemingly typical, of 2 bagels from the university snack bar. Individual appeared to be quite normal. They determined that the pulverization of few poppy seeds employed as a decoration on the bagel resulted in positive immunoassay effect.

Hemp Seed Foods

Lab scientific studies revealed that cookies made from cannabis sativa seed (hemp seed) can lead how to pass a drug test saliva a good urine test for cannabis. Despite the fact that the strains of theirs are low, they can result a positive test following ingestion. The positive cannabis benefits have been obtained for the volunteers who ate hemp cookies.

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