March 29, 2023

Workplace Conflict – When Testosterone Is actually on The Blink – Part 2

From our story about Lee, Dave and Ed working for school, Dave, the boys’ boss, is acting grumpy rather than assisting them understand how to properly do the work of theirs. Even though they have expected for assistance in understanding the fastest way to do their job, Dave waves them away like pesky home flies with a brusque, “Just do it right.” response.

The boys think mystified as to why Dave won’t provide job clarity. They know doing their job accurately would also create greater job security for Dave because inevitably Dave is responsible for maintaining the school fresh.

In this next part of the content, read through and see the brain hormones activity taking place in the story. Once you understand as well as use Gender Brain Chemistry in the office of yours, you are able to increase job productivity, save some time, frustration, money and resources, boost employee retention rate as well as increase morale. Happy employees work harder for the company. So keep reading to see what happens next.

1. What things can Dave Do to be able to Increase His Testosterone and Dopamine Levels?

A stressed male employed in a task uses up the hormone testosterone as well as the neurotransmitter dopamine. The hormone testosterone decreases stress and creates a sense of well-being in a man. Dopamine generates the ability to focus, provides energy as well as the sensation of inspiration to get up and do something significant. Depleting his testosterone and dopamine levels, a male feels grumpy and depressed. Fortunately, he can normally increase these neurochemicals. He can increase these substances in a healthful way or an unhealthy way.

2. Unhealthy Ways a person Increases Testosterone as well as Dopamine in His Brain

When a man listens to loud music, intolerantly watches action TV flipping through the channels with the remote, impatiently plays video games, participates in unsafe behaviors such as recklessly owning a vehicle or motorcycle or perhaps employs habit forming drugs or even alcohol, additionally, he increases his dopamine and testosterone. So those males you see doing these sorts of behaviors are in fact unconsciously intending to help their head biochemistry return to balance. They have just chosen less healthy ways to get it done.

3. Healthy Ways a man Increases testosterone boosting vitamins – – and Dopamine in His Brain

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